Fred Gooch

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FRED GOOCH Apprentice nickname: Moo!                                                                                                                                                                                      Fred at the Arbroath pool
Married to Annie. Children:
Nikki aged 45 and Paul 41                                                                 Lived in Truro, Cornwall. 
Sadly, Fred passed away suddenly, September 2006 and is greatly missed by all who knew him
AT CONDOR  May �50 until Dec�52               
LEFT RN: Nov �70

1953 � AA5 HMS INDOMITABLE, 804 Sea Furies - to HMS FALCON, Malta
Feb�54 to Oct�56 (AA4): HMS SANDERLING, Abbotsinch (mainly Blackburn's Hangar) - Attacker mods and maintenance
Late �56 to mid �58 (AA3): HMS FULMAR, Lossiemouth ARS,  Seahawks, also Dartmouth Cadet Summer Camp with Tiger Moths at Milltown and part of the team training the German 1st Marine Fliegergruppe, again on Seahawks
Mid �58 to �60: RAF Old Sarum (AA3/AA1) - School of Land Air Warfare. Communications Flight with one Sea Balliol! (Wonderful!)
�60 to �61( AA1): HMS SEAHAWK, Culdrose - Wessex 1 IFTU
Aug �61 to  Aug�62: HMS ARIEL for conversion course to EA1
�62 to �64 (EA1): HMS SEAHAWK - Wessex 1
March �64 to Oct �65: HMS BULWARK - 845 Commando Squadron
Late �65 to �68: HMS SEAHAWK - Workshops, generally Wessex 3 Flight Control System
�68 to �69: HMS EAGLE - 826 Squadron � Wessex 3 until �70 and demob.

      "From Jan �49 to �Nov 70 all just about fell into this bracket!
Highlights were RAF Old Sarum - as close to Radio�s �Navy Lark� as it was possible to get. Aspects of 845. The involvement with the German  Marine Fliegergruppe at Lossie, and of course apprentice time, particularly Condor."

Teaching, after the required training, for, initially, Primary age and, subsequently, for Special Needs children (11 �16 age) with Moderate Learning Difficulties until retirement at age 64."

      "I retired
from sailing regularly at the RCYC a couple of years ago, mostly race crewing on a 25ft Sadler. Presently devoting time to rearranging the local golf course, handicap 22, as well as being one of those 'left-handed for that game type'. Also, since it opened about four years ago, doing Front of House for our local Hall for Cornwall theatre.                                                                 
Sailing apprentices

"Annie was for a number of years the Deputy Town Clerk and Mayor's Secretary in Helston. Subsequently, when we moved to Truro about 18 years ago, she became Secretary to the Dean and Chapter at Truro Cathedral, until retirement. Daughter Nikki, husband and three teenage boys live in Southern California after some ten years in Indiana and prior to that, about eight years in Ontario. Plenty of reasons for us to regularly cross the �pond�. Their children are all Canadian! However, they are all about to become  Americans.
The Gooch family
"Son Paul is a Makeup Designer / Advisor, initially in TV and Theatre, now principally Movies. Useful contact this, since Annie and I have �starred' from time to time in crowd-scene bit parts! List of film appearances can be listed on the proverbial back of a postage stamp."