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Harold Jemmett

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HAROLD WILLIAM JEMMETT   (Known at Condor as Jerry)                    
Married to Emma. One daughter, Jennifer
Now living in Aldershot, Hants. (Soon to move)                                                          
Joined RN 10/1/49 and left 8/9/62

Post-AA Apprenticeship RN Service
HMS EAGLE 13/01/53 as an AA5 - HMS FALCON, Malta 27/02/53 - HMS HERON 17/02/54 as an AA4 - FALCON again as an AA4 27/09/55 to 20/09/56 as an AA3. HMS DAEDALUS as an AA3 14/03/58 -
HMS SANDERLING 09/11/59 - SANDERLING as an AA1 01/04/60 - HMS VICTORY (AA1) 09/10/62 - RNSR (AA1) 08/09/62.

Post-RN Career
Aeronautical Inspection Department: 10/62 AWA Bitteswell, Argosy construction development and Vulcan/Javelin/Beverley modification and development.
09/67 RPE Westcott, rocket motor design office. 03/68 HSA Woodford, Nimrod development and construction, HS748/780 construction, Victor tanker conversion.
09/70 WHL Hayes, WG13 (Lynx) design and rig test and Puma construction.
07/72 WHL Yeovil, development and construction of WG13, construction of Gazelle and Sea King, design and development of Merlin.
Royal Aircraft Establishment. 05/74 Aircraft Department Farnborough, experimental installations and maintenance of air fleet at Farnborough. 12/78 Aircraft Department Bedford, design, installation and maintenance of air fleet at Bedford. 01/80 RAE Aircraft Department Farnborough and Bedford, design, airworthiness, installation and maintenance of RAE air fleet.

Retired 08/11/1992.

A&AEE 09/11/92, special duties in connection with the provision of facilities for the transfer of the former RAE air fleet to A&AEE.

Final retirement 08/05/1994.                                                                                            Harold & Emma

      "In retirement, my interests are: Light aviation, history and reading."